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Richly tanned leather, soft to the touch, with that pure earthy scent. No hard edges, no stiff spine, no cardboard or PU to tear or crease. The pliable material happily conforms to your grip. In fact the notebook improves as it journeys with you. The leather distresses gracefully, absorbing the same moments and impacts that you do, so you weather together. Take notes, Make lists or Paint without putting a second thought since this book a'int getting over!

A single slice of Raw folded leather with a elastic in the centre allows you to convert any set of A4 pages into a notebook - Printer Pages, Single side Printed pages, Colored papers, Watercolor sheets or Printed booklets, anything A4 fits and it can be your notebook.Its designed to be elemental yet enduring allowing you to document. Also, you don't have to decide anymore on which moments to put down and which ones to spare. There will always be enough pages in your leather journal to take in everything you want on record.


Take a look below where we list five situations, our Leather sleeve would be absolutely perfect for :

1. An A4 BOOK

Pull a bunch (60-80 sheets) of A4 pages of your printer (or a pack). Fold them into half and crease the fold. Now open them and insert these through the elastic and use.


Collect a set (50 - 60 sheets ) of single side printed pages and arrange them all to face even. Fold into half along the printed side, crease the fold, open and insert these through the elastic and use.


Use a set of 30 pages,150 Gsm and above, to sketch, illustrate or paint with watercolor / mixed media.


Print as a booklet, fold, crease and Insert. Any printed matter can be converted to a Book.

The pages can then be replaced with the regular ones and to be used as a notebook with no damage to the booklet.


Collect a set of 20 - 30 boards, fold, crease and Insert for an album.

You can slide in more sheets later if required.


To buy this 'Infinite Book' visit our 'Shop' section in the website and pick from two styles (Button and Wrap) and three color (Black, Tan and Blue) variants. Did we mention it is accompanied by a Planner leaflet for purchases between November - February every year ?


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