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On our Shelves

Our shelves hold very little books(please please gift us, we would love to have more), magazines(loads, mostly free), few accomplishments (our tiny set of awards, okay, one), aspirations (Monthly planners and targets), associations (products that are currently in development), guilty pleasures (great ‘un-designed’ products), escapes (things to fidget with), memories (keepsakes from friends and events), interests (toys, a lot of them) and countless other nonsensical pieces that form a part of our story.

We put together things we could reach, have a look.

A book, that we are currently flipping through. A Muji catalogue from our recent visit to the store. A hardware that we are safeguarding to source similar. A papermache Cheetah from a old trip to the North. A termite eaten wood which was a gift from an acquaintance in Auroville. A sparrow shaped whistle from our trip to Channapatna. A blank art canvas that we hope to fill someday.

A clock made from leather that reminded us of Dali’s melting clock, from one of our student workshops. A toy cow, again from Channapatna. Ah, look at those ears! First sample of a Mug we made for Asian paints, broken. Two concrete cubes, one made with adding Thermocol to the mix which was a part of our old college project, which we currently use as paper weights. A construction you kit that we purchased two years ago but haven't opened yet.

An award we won a few months ago. A concrete keepsake from a recent exhibition we were a part of. A very popular toy monkey, which is actually a copy of designer Kay Bojeson’s monkey, again from our trip to Channapatna. First sample of our pen tray with rod holes instead of the current magnet pegs. A crude earphone holder we made ourself during one of our workshop visit.

A really old Kaleidoscope from our escapade to the city beach. A DIY kaleidoscope we purchased from a toy store. A Kaleidoscopic table lamp we made for a coursework during college at Industrial Design centre, IIT Bombay.

Soap, Wood, Glaze and Aromaspray samples for our ongoing curation project. A block set we usually fidget with while we are on phone calls. A color sample from our Jamakalam rug project. A candle holder cum mug warmed developed during our college days.

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