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The 'BRICK' Guide

A Paper block is a must-have for every busy home or desk. Its perfect to take down quick messages and ideal for leaving notes or writing shopping and to-do lists. This is one, that we extensively use in our Studio, vouched for by its presence on every table. Also car.

'Brick' is a block of 90 gsm easy tear papers that looks like a brick, weighs like a brick also lasts pretty much the same time. We honestly have not counted the number of sheets till date.

Here we list down the ways you can maximise the use of this orange bundle.


Day / Week Planner

Divide it into sections and Jot down your plans for each hour/day. Also, don’t forget to tear it of

and start anew.


Feeling forgetful? Nobody is capable of remembering everything at all times. As long as you can remember to look at your to-do list, you will never lose anything that you have recorded on it.

Organising just makes everything manageable, clear and clean.

List them all to do them all.


Add additional thoughts with your notes.


This 90 Gsm paper gives a crisp form to your folds and pop of color is always a Plus. You do not have to guilty of tearing pages of bounds notebooks or printed books. Go ahead and use these, Brick would not mind. We guarantee.


Use them as a showpiece or a centre piece artefact.

Why place when you can disco!

Wait, is that even a line?

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