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Tumbler Mug
  • Tumbler Mug

    The product is consiously propotioned with the form of a Tumbler and warmth of a Mug. Can be used to serve both hot and cold drinks. Fits snugly into palms, perfect for a rainy day or a chilly winter evening.

    Studio Pottery Product | Handmade | Microwave friendly | Dishwasher Safe


    This Cup Bowl is a part of our 'un' Collection.

    Every product hints its use through its dimension, shape or form. Is it a Cup or a Bowl ? A plate or a tray ? In this range is a in-between, a either-or space, a ‘un’. ‘un’ is a collection of unshaped unsized ceramic pieces that are these inbetweens that play dual roles as everyday tablewares.

    • 1 pc

      Glazed Ceramic

      Shade - Stone

      Everyday use serve ware

      Handmade in Pondicherry, India

      This product is fragile, please handle with care.

      Use dry soft fabric to clean this product.


      Note: All measurements are approximate and slight variations may occur given the nature of handmade products. Reproduction of colours is as accurate as possible. Clay being a natural material, slight variations are not under our control and are bound to appear in each item.

    • Safely packed in 90mm x 110mm x 130mm broad carboard box

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