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Stone Vase Tray
  • Stone Vase Tray

    Made in Mahabalipuram, the form references the carvings of the region. This accent piece is perfect for flowers or candles. The materiality in stone contrubites to its raw texture and visual weight. This two part sculpture can also be used individually, with bottom as a vase and the plate as tray. 


    Mahabalipuram (or Mamallapuram), located along southeastern India’s coromandel coast, was a celebrated port city of the Pallavas. The group of monuments consists of rock-cut cave temples, monolithic structures and bas -relief sculptures. Though these majestic edifices were created between the 6th and 9th centuries, the scratch and scrunch of stone, the tonk of hammer and chisel, screech of the drill can still be heard from its current inhabitants - its sculptors. Our collection stemmed from a visit to the town and a hesitation to choose between a Sculpture and Mortar pestle as souvenir. We believe, there is more to offer.

    • 24cm Long, 18cm Wide 16cm Tall.

      Weight - 6Kgs

    • This product is handcrafted and slight variations in colours, textures and forms is to be expected. They make each product unique in its own way. For the black variant, the item is coated with wax and ager, it may transfer color for the first few weeks. 

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