No, BeatRoot is not a misspelt version of Beetroot though the vegetable did have a minor part in the name.

Well, its a long story, later when we meet ?


To us, design is alchemy and evolution;

It’s a mix of the right ingredients for the right purpose.


We explore the boundaries of design by creating products with Theory and Twist. We strive to create objects that are Elemental, Functional and Experimental that are rooted in tradition and Contemporary in Outlook. We present qualitative collections with attentive details designed for everyday life with a sense of design that appeals to universal patrons of craft but still reminiscent of the local culture it is derived from.


BeatRoot Co was founded in 2017 as an experiment towards creating a ‘Superstudio', with Store, Agency and Workshop verticals binded by a strong community of Makers and Believers.

A place that constantly shifts, open to collaboration among disciplines, in which you could share a similar vision and lifestyle, where one could browse, feel welcome to spend hours observing every detail within the space, from the PEOPLE

and products to the architecture.

We sure hope, we get there and beyond.